I'm passionate about how international and experiential learning can create new opportunities.

    I believe that our experiences abroad open the doors to new opportunities. I believe that everyone can benefit from their own unique and personal experience abroad. I believe that our experiences abroad have the ability to empower ourselves. Whether it be for study, work, research, or purposeful travel, what matters is that these experiences are known and accessible. That is where I plan to come in.


    I am currently a graduate candidate at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey where I study International Education Management and Public Administration. I also recently completed the Frontier Market Scouts Certificate in Social Enterprise Management and Impact Investing. Prior to arriving at the Institute, I worked in college recruiting in Israel, as a teacher in Milwaukee, and as an English instructor in the Czech Republic. Now, my goal is to help others experience life abroad and open their own door to new opportunities.

  • Professional Experience

  • Projects

    Receiving the MIIS Fair Trade campus designation from Paul Rice, CEO of Fair Trade USA

    Social Innovation

    As a student at the Middlebury Institute, I completed the Frontier Market Scouts program and am currently working on the Design, Partnering, Management & Innovation program.


    Outside of my coursework, I served on the Fair Trade Certification Task Force through the Center for Social Impact Learning. As a group, we were able to obtain Fair Trade Colleges & Universities designation for MIIS in a period of only 5 months. Now, I work on a number of projects to promote Fair Trade on the MIIS campus, develop strategies to expand Fair Trade awareness and certification within the Salinas Valley, and serve as the organizational treasurer.

    Harrison Gill at the Eastern Mediterranean College Fair in Tel Aviv, Israel

    Marketing and Recruiting

    In addition to my experience working on college recruiting fairs with an AIRC-certified agency in the Middle East, I also completed an inbound international exchange marketing plan for a private mid-size university on the East Coast during my studies as part of the Marketing and Recruiting course offered at the Middlebury Institute.

    A slide created for an onsite health and safety orientation in the Czech Republic

    Risk Management and Safety

    As part of my coursework for Education Abroad Management and Cross-Cultural Crisis Management, I have completed risk assessments for both specific programs as well as program locations, health and safety orientations, and emergency "pull-out" plans.


    In my free time, I have also completed FEMA Independent Study coursework and participate in my local Community Emergency Response Team.

    Harrison Gill featuring WorldTeach at the Principles and Practices Poster Fair


    My studies at the Middlebury Institute have allowed me to research various different topics, whether it be creating an organizational profile on WorldTeach for Principles and Practices of International Education, learning more about classroom information technology use in Malawi for Comparative International Education, or developing resources for students interested in specific careers in international education and development.

  • International Experience

    I have experience living and working in Europe and the Middle East.

    According to Open Doors Data, the Czech Republic and Israel have both seen rapid growth in the number of American students studying abroad in those locations and rank within the top 25 leading destinations for US students.

    Countries that Harrison Gill has lived in or visited.
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